Spotter 60 is the versatile, high-perfor

mance optical system for the observation and identification of objects:

Magnification range of 20x to 60x

Bright, high-contrast image at all
magnification levels

MIL-DOT reticle with continuously
adjustable illumination

Customer-specific reticle
upon request

For handheld use or on a tripod


Spotter 60
Three key features make the Spotting Scope 60 – 60 x 72, or
Spotter 60, from Carl Zeiss Optronics the ideal instrument for
the observation and identification of objects, as well as target
hit monitoring: high magnification of 20x to 60x; 72 mm lens;
MIL-DOT reticle with continuously adjustable illumination. The
size of the reticle pattern changes with the magnification level.
The short, compact construction and the optical and ergonomic
design of the Spotter 60 fully meet the demands of users
regarding versatility. The automatic brightness memory permits
fast selection of the already stored brightness levels of the
reticle. A customer-specific reticle can be integrated upon

The Spotter 60 can be mounted to a tripod, thus enabling
secure and steady use. Up to five Picatinny rails complying
with MIL Standard 1913 can be mounted to the housing to
enable the attachment of additional devices. With a residual
light attachment, the spotting scope becomes a high-power
observation device for nighttime use.